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"Tia is absolutely the most incredible real estate agent I have ever encountered. She is professional, savvy, wise, and creative. She is honest, brave, caring, and funny. We laughed. We cried. We inspected for termites together. I will never embark upon another real estate endeavor without her help and advice. Finding her was a gift and working with her was a privilege. If you are looking for an agent, do yourself and favor and call or e-mail Tia. She will not let you down."
- Aarin Edwards

Tia is truly a gem and helped us find our dream home. We honestly feel that her reputation, persistence, patience, and professionalism helped us get the home of our dreams at the price we wanted (after bidding against 10 other offers) and we could not have done it with any other agent. Anyone who has tried to sell and/or buy home know how stressful it can be but Tia will always be responsive to your inquiries, no matter how silly or trite they are. Highly recommend!
- Erin Huang

I have been in touch with Tia for at least 9 years. I found her on the internet and she put me in touch with an excellent group who helped me rent a small home. When it came time to sell, she helped make it easy from a distance and through a difficult personal time. Tia is the ultimate professional. I can't say enough about her." - Nona Russell

“Buying and/or selling a home can often times be not only exciting but also very stressful. Tia handled all situations with the utmost professionalism. Her advice was always right on and appropriate. I only hope that I know someone looking to buy or sell in the Pasadena area so that I can
recommend her" - Barbara Carlberg

Tia helped us look at homes for a long long time. We ended up not buying at that time, but she invested a lot of effort in us. When it came time to sell our home, she was the clear choice for us. Her communication & documentation preparation were lightning-quick, & she knows the whole system & process inside-out. I can't imagine the sales process going any faster & more smoothly than it did with Tia - Jason & Michele Bardis

"It was an absolute pleasure doing business with you. I greatly appreciate your professionalism & graciousness - and look forward to many more transactions together."
- Lisa Ashworth & David Kelsey
(Coldwell Banker Agents)

Peter Bergman of the
"Young and the Restless"
"Tia is extremely professional and competent. I personally recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell their home."
Mariellen & Peter Bergman

“As first-time buyers we were unfamiliar with much of the home-buying process. Tia guided us through every step and answered all of our questions, no matter how small. She explained everything thoroughly and represented us with energy and warmth. We look forward to working with her again in the future and would not hesitate
to recommend her.”
- Christi and Brandon Kruse

"Thank you so much for all of your help in helping me in my first home purchase."
 - Dan Hickey

"Tia was terrific to work with. She helped me get a great price when I was selling my house.
I would definitely use her again."
- Greg Messer

"We were impressed with your professionalism and attention to detail. Your positive and personable nature helped all transactions move smoothly. We both felt you gave us a great deal of attention and support and feel very fortunate to have been your first clients. Thank you so much Tia!"
 - A & A Mount (

“Tia, you were amazing! Professional, knowledgeable, prompt and pleasant! You showed us our new home at 9:00 pm and waited for us to take shifts because of the baby. You went the extra mile and we are so appreciative. Thanks again!”
- Matt and Brynna Venne

"You know how much I liked working with you! Your best qualities are:
    1. Honesty     2. Not being pushy"
- Inga Duranovic

"Thank you so much for all the hard work & for bending backwards & forward to please us. We love you very much and wish you lots of success - you deserve it."
- Mr. & Mrs. Mosseini

"I must tell you that you are now the absolute standard by which I compare all real estate agents."
- Kevin J. Barker

"Tia is absolutely outstanding to work with. She provided everything I expected in a real estate agent and more. I highly recommend her!"
- Howard Moore

"Thanks so much for everything. I can't begin to tell you what a pleasure it was working with you over the last 7+ months. I know I was particular about the house and neighborhood, and I'm sure I wore on your nerves at times . . . but I am endlessly grateful for all of your patience and willingness to go to every caravan, every Thursday, and to report back honestly and candidly."
- Kevin & Erin Gross

"Tia always sets the expectations clearly. She is efficient, she involves the buyer at exactly the right time when a decision is needed, then she takes care of everything. This was important to me as a first time buyer, because these days finding the home is not the biggest challenge, but it is the entire process till close of escrow."
- Rami Jaamour

"Tia, you're the greatest! The whole thing was painless. You made the process seem so easy. Can't thank you enough."
- Ned Price

"Thanks for the perseverance, Tia"
- Eric Sorensen

"Thanks for everything!" - Daisy & Jon Wilson

"Honesty and Integrity. Tia is the best."
- Mike & Nancy Monis

"Once again - excellent services provided! We are so pleased in our new home & owe so much of our happiness to your hard work, diligence and support!
Thanks for everything!"
- Stephanie and Dan Hickey

"Tia, please feel free to have anyone contact me as a referral. You were a trusted source for homes and had an excellent sense of what we wanted. Thanks for your help!"
- Angela Taylor and Tim Majors

"You can rest assured you have completely satisfied clients"
- Anita and Peter Berk

"We enjoyed our time with you. You are both knowledgeable and personable. You are an excellent professional and we consider you a good friend.”
- Frank and Julie Ryan

"You were wonderful during the whole process of the sale of our Mom's house. Actually we can't thank you enough! Neither Wally nor myself would hesitate to recommend you. Thank you for everything!”
- Kathie Valney & Wally Wood

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